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Why People Move to Florida

Florida Palm Tree
  • Because it’s so affordable.

  • Florida residents pay no state income or estate tax and homestead exemption of up to $50,000 on a primary residence.

  • Sunny weather and diverse population.

  • Spend more time outdoors less time indoors.

  • Best beaches

  • The overall cost of living in Fl is one point lower than the national average.


  • The sports culture is intense from professional sports to college sports.

  •  Food & Drink and delectable fresh produce.

  • You can vacation where you live.

  • Among the roughly 950 people moving to Florida every day, 45% move to South Florida according to Craig Studnicky, chief executive of the ISG world.  

                SO-COME ON DOWN!!

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At The Keyes Company, we apply a more attentive, personalized, and expansive approach when listing and marketing your property.

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Rentals are available on an annual basis or a seasonal basis. The seasonal rentals usually book a year ahead. Some can be rented for one month and others have a three month minimum stay depending on the community. Contact me to learn more about your real estate options.

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Due to Covid, I will be doing Virtual Open Houses only.

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By working with The Keyes Company, you will benefit from our nine decades of experience in the area, stellar reputation in the industry

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